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Meet The Team

David (Co-Owner)

David grew up on a dairy farm just outside of Maryville (Piora, OH). When his father passed away in 1972 things changed and he had to grown up fast. At the age of 13 he started working on surrounding farms to help support his sisters and mother. 

In high school David was an active FFA member. _____________

He met this fabulous and passionate girl in his Agg class who he later had to propose to multiple times before she finally asked him.

 David is always ready to help you any way he can... on the farm or at the butcher block. 

Cheryl (Co-Owner)

Cheryl has always been an active part of the farming life, when she was old enough to walk she was old enough to gether eggs. She started off working on her family's egg & dairy farm in St. Clairisville, Ohio. In high school the whole family relocated to Marysville. At the new farm the operation was strictly dairy and grain. 

She was the first female FFA President in Marysville history. After high school she stayed on the farm and helped the operation grow. In 1988 the farm made a shift from milk to meat. With this new meat breed (Belgium Blue) Cheryl and David eventually opened a butcher shop in Downtown Columbus (North Market).

She is always sharing her favorite ways to prepare everything from pork chops to candied bacon! 

Jamie (Daughter)

Jamie started working at Bluescreek beyond the occasional customer here and there at the ripe age of 12. Child labor laws don't exist with family businesses.


She attended the University of Akron before deciding to get her TEFL Certification in Greece in 2012. She later traveled the world where she discovered her real passion for food that she didn't want to go unanswered. 


She now works full time keeping everyone on task, managing the website and multiple Bluescreek social media outlets. All while enjoying her husband and two beautiful kid's loving company. 

Jamie will always be there to direct you to the most local ingredients that pair with our amazing meats!

Cody (Son)

Cody has his Associates Degree in Agricultural Diesel Mechanics from the University of Northwestern Ohio (Lima, OH). After college, he went to work for a local business but soon realized his passion for the farm life was stronger than his drive for putting equipment together. 


His degree does come in handy when equipment brakes down on the farm.  You can find Cody either playing softball or on the farm taking care of the day to day needs and teaching little Tyler all about the animals and farm equipment. 

Cody is Cheryl & David's only son, but he is very fortunate to have an amazing sister (Jamie, who is writing this). His wife, Meredith, and two kids play very active roles in his daily life.  


Cody regularly fills in at the store (cutting meat, helping in the cafe, or doing whatever else is needed). He is always ready to give new customers the Bluescreek history and a helping hand to your first cut with us! 


Autumn is a graduate of Marysville High School and raises her own livestock. She has been working with animals since she was a toddler. 

In her spare time, Autumn likes to pursue multiple artistic avenues and expand her animal husbandry experience. 

Come get to know Autumn throughout the day as she helps us stay on top of our daily tasks.

She is married and expecting a beautiful baby girl (Summer 2022).

This FFA Alum also raises her own lambs and bunnies!

Pork Chop.jpg

Pork Chop

Pork Chop (yes, this is what he goes by, but no, it is not on his birth certificate) has been working with meat since 2012 and is very passionate about all types of meat, not just pork. 

He graduated from Columbus College of Art and Design. He is a comic book nerd who is not only about the written word but also illustrates his own works.

Pork Chop is an avid cryptozoologist (big foot watch out). And he and
his fiance have an assortment of reptiles that benefit from the wonderful meat at Bluescreek! 


Lory Ann

Lory Ann is like our mother hen, constantly looking out for her little chicks in any way that she can. 

She is a cat lover who will always go out of her way to help a stray.

You can find Lory Ann's smiling face and helpful advice in our bakery, which she now keeps flowing on a daily basis.



Sheila has been a customer for many years (back when we were in the North Market). But when we moved to Plain City and needed some extra help in the bakery she was more than happy to jump right in! 

Find Sheila mixing up goodies and baking off treats for all our customers to enjoy!



Elaine is full of smiles and helpful advice!

You can find Elaine helping customers as a cashier or sometimes sneaking into the meat side to work on meat prep. She likes to float around and fill in wherever we need her.

Her husband and son keep her occupied in her off time. 

 Mary Ellen

(pictured is Cody her Nephew - she asked not to be pictured)

Shorty (Mary Ellen) has worked many places over the years but now finds herself in retirement and working more than ever! She not only helps out at the butcher shop on most evenings, but she helps Cody on the farm 6 days a week. 


Shorty is not only David's sister, but she is also one of his biggest fans. Cody and Jamie were very fortunate to have her when they were growing up and now she is equally as important to their kids! 



Tatum is our resident musicologist. Never have I met anyone who can sing along with so many songs on the radio (accurately). 

She is energetic and excited to help everyone who walks into Bluescreek!

You will find Tatum restocking our freezers or helping customers on the meat case. 



Marsha's smiles will get you excited about your day when you enter Bluescreek!

You will find Marsha running around helping customers cash out, restocking and making sure our Grocery Side / Red Room is fully stocked and ready for YOU!

Outside of work Marsha has her hands full with little ones she gets to watch whenever she can. She loves being a Grandma!



Kurt is a tattoo artist by trade but as the economy shifted he decided to rely on a previously learned skill to accommodate his shift in his work!

Kurt is newly married and has his own hobby farm that keeps his life full of fun and excitement! 

Spotlight on a Rapper


Lucas is newest to the team!

Haley Picture.jpg


Haley started with Bluescreek as a College Intern and then stayed with us to continue learning (hands on) while she is attending Ohio Sate. 

She is soaking in as much as she can during the school year and summer. 

You will find Haley helping the meat side wherever she is needed.

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