We raise Boer Meat Goats to get an extra meaty carcass. Therefore, we get extra meaty chops, roasts, and stew!

100% of all of the goat in our cases is our own. We never, under any circumstances, get goat in.



~All of our meat is priced per pound~
~Cut to your specifications~
~Prices are subject to change~ 


Bone in Goat Stew $8.99
Goat Rack $15.99
Goat Rib Chops $16.29
Goat Loin $16.99
Goat Loin Chops $17.29

Goat Leg $12.99
Goat Liver $2.99
Goat Heart $1.99
Goat Kidneys $4.99

A few pieces of Goat you can find in our case