Half & Split Halves

All of our Whole, Halves, and Split Halves are priced per pound (hanging weight). We process the meat, to your specifications, and vacuum pack it for the freezer (with NO preservatives). The vacuum packed meat is rated for 3 years in the freezer; therefore giving you a very long shelf life. We cut our meat "retail style" which means you get more "good cuts" and less ground than you would from a slaughter house. It is then boxed and frozen for you to pick up! We call before we do your order to give you a heads up.

We fill these orders on a first come, first serve basis. We do have a waiting list; a normal wait period is roughly 4-6 weeks.

The prices listed below are cash prices. We require a cash deposit at the time you place your order. Placing the order takes roughly 15-30 minutes; Cheryl goes through the cuts with you and gets the specifications for your order.

If you are interested in placing an order: please call us and schedule a time to come in and place your order with Cheryl. (614)228-5727.


1/2 a Beef:
Half a Beef is approximately 400 pounds @ $5.70 a pound.

Split 1/2 of Beef:
A Split Half of Beef is approximately 200 pounds and will feed a family of four for about a year. A Split Half is also $5.70 a pound.


Whole Lamb:
A whole lamb is roughly 60-70 pounds (Please call for price)

1/2 Lamb:
Half a lamb is roughly 30-35 pounds (Please call for price)

Lamb for the Spit:
A 50-60 pound Whole (uncut) Lamb (Please call for price)


Whole Hog:
A Whole Hog is approximately 170-180 pounds @ $3.75 a pound (Fresh).
Any smoking is $1.30 a pound more (for example: Ham & Bacon).

1/2 Hog:

A Half Hog is approximately 80-90 pounds @ $3.75 a pound (Fresh).
Any smoking is $1.30 a pound more (for example: Ham & Bacon).

Skin on Roasting Hog: 20 pounds and up. (Prices change monthly)
Please call for current price. (614)228-5727

Meet Michael!
Purchased 1/2 Hog (February 2012)

"I've been very pleased with the 1/2 hog a friend and I split from Bluescreek Farm. They worked with us to divide up some of the larger cuts into portions that work well for 1-2 people, like fresh ham steaks rather than a full ham. All of the meat that we have tried so far has been great and we have had no issues even after 6+ months of freezing."  ~Michael Wood


Michael's Blog (which will soon have some of his Hog Adventures!)