Lamb CSA

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Lamb CSA
4 Months : March, April, May, June

Once a month, for four months, get a bundle of our fresh, local lamb that can't be beat! (No Growth Hormones or Antibiotics)
Over your four month period you will get every part of a lamb!

IMPORTANT: This CSA has Lamb Patties - an EXCLUSIVE Item for our Grill Master CSA and Lamb CSA participants. 


Bundle A                     
3# Boneless Shoulder    
1 Breast          
2 Leg Steaks          

Bundle B

2 Shoulder Chops

1 Sirloin Roast

2# Loin Roast

Bundle C               
2 Shanks         
2 Kidneys                          
1/2 Rack                           
1 package Lamb Patties  


Bundle D
1# Stew
1/ 2 Leg Roast
4 Loin Chops
1# Liver (Chunk)

Our CSAs are set up on a schedule; when you sign up, you will either pick up the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th week of the month (and you will continue to pick up during that week, for the life of your CSA). We have a set number of CSAs for each week, so make sure you get signed up now!

CSA pickup will take place on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of your week!
Please understand that we are very limited on freezer space, and are unable to hold CSAs for extended periods of time. If you fail to pick it up, and do not make arrangements prior to this, you are FORFEITING your CSA for that month. Thank You!

Lamb CSA Example

Jane Doe purchases the Week 1 Lamb CSA. The Lamb CSA happens to start in January.

Her pickup schedule:
1st weekend of January:    Bundle B
1st weekend of February:  Bundle C
1st weekend of March:       Bundle D
1st weekend of April:         Bundle A